Scan Mate- Device for All Retraction Needs


* Professional isolation, retraction instrument for intraoral scanning and any retraction needs

  • Ultimate retraction instrument for any dental procedures or exam.
  • Comfortable for clinician and patient – no more fingers or mirrors or other isolation products needed.
  • Non-Reflective device for enhanced scanning for single restoration to full arches.
  • Ideal for all intraoral scanning needs – crowns, bridges, implants, and orthodontics.
  • Durable ergonomic handle to improve control and quality of image.
  • Soft, bendable tip to provide smooth retraction to follow the arch and hard to reach areas for easier access.
  • Latex free components.
  • Autoclavable and non-reflective instrument that cuts down on time during scanning and scan “clean up” afterwards. Please note: If using a Statim autoclave or similar rapid autoclave devices, do not exceed 121°C. Use on the Rubber and Plastics Cycle and autoclave on 121°C for 15 minutes

* 4 Per Box