OPTISPLINT Single-Arch Kit


Discover a new level of precision with OPTISPLINT's advanced compatibility for guided, navigational, or freehand surgeries. Streamline your digital workflows effortlessly, thanks to OPTISPLINT's innovative technology, which ensures an accurate verified cast with fewer steps compared to other systems.


OPTISPLINT Kits effectively eliminate the need for photogrammetry without any of its limitations.  OPTISPLINT enables fully digital immediate load workflows for All-on-4 with only an intraoral scanner. 

OPTISPLINT can be paired with a desktop scanner and CADCAM to produce passive fitting final prosthetics with a fully digital modeless workflow.  It is even possible to pour a verified cast to verify passive fit outside the mouth, prior to seating any prosthetics.  

*The OPTISPLINT SINGLE-ARCH KIT Includes 4, 5 or 6 scan bodies, frames for luting the scan bodies together into a jig, screws for each scan body and a set of 12 SNAPCAPS for digitally aligning the implant positions to the temporary prosthesis.

OPTISPLINT KITS are for single patient use only.