Easy Extraction Kit

  1. Easy Periotome
  • Specialized thin alloy allows for free flexible movement
  • Allows for easy cutting of the PDL towards the apex of the root
  • Easy extraction without damaging the alveolar bone
  1. Surgical Curette
  • Serrated tip allows for easy curettage of soft tissue
  1.   Easy Forceps
  • Specialized tip design to penetrate into the periodontal tissue for tooth extraction
  • Lessens the luxating effect and possibility of root residue while minimizing damage to the alveolar bone
  1. Easy Lux
  • Unique thin and flexible blade
  • Blade design allows for easy insertion into the PDL and easy luxation with minimal force 
  • Minimizes damage to surrounding soft tissue and alveolar bone
  • Promotes Atraumatic extraction