DCS & CAS-200 - ULPA Filter


The ULPA (2nd Ultra-Low Particulate Air Filter) is a vital component of your DCS or CAS-200 system, providing exceptional filtration to maintain a clean and safe working environment. This high-performance filter is designed to effectively capture ultra-fine particles, ensuring optimal air quality during dental procedures.

For your convenience, it's recommended to replace this filter every 12 months to maintain peak performance. This ensures that your DCS or CAS-200 system continues to operate at its best, providing you with a dependable solution for your dental practice.

Ensure a cleaner, healthier workspace with the ULPA (2nd Ultra-Low Particulate Air Filter).


  • ULPA (2nd Ultra-Low Particulate Air Filter)
  • Replace every 12 Months
  • Compatible with DCS and CAS-200