BiLumix Shadowless Surgical Headlamp

BiLumix Headlamp is a dual light headlamp system. The two LED lights combine to a produce 70,000 lumens of light intensity. The intensity is also adjustable. The angulation of the two lights create a SHADOWLESS effect by scattering shadows and the dual lights provide more consistent lighting.

Our c-band design provides a more ergonomic experience for the wearer. Most optic and lighting systems are attached to some sort of eyewear and the weight of those parts can create pressure and strain on the bridge of the wearer's nose and face. Our unique design distributes the weight to the headband and allows for the attaching of our various loupes to the light which prevents any strain on the wearer's nose and face. Our system also allows the wearer to hold a more upright position which prevents neck strain.

Our system is also WIRELESS which prevents any tangling up and discomfort when moving in the operatory. There is a rechargeable battery on the back of headlamp. When the battery is low on power the light will blink, signaling to the doctor and staff that the battery needs to be replaced. An assistant can easily replace the battery during the procedure allowing the doctor to stay in place and continue working without much interruption.  At a full charge and maximum intensity, the battery will last 2.5 hours continuously. But if you lower the intensity it can last 5+ hours depending on the setting. 

We can also attached and interchange different types of magnification to the headlight which allows for a more flexibility to the user. Doctors can also wear their own glasses with our system. We have 1.5 and 2.0 (diopters) wide FOV lenses which provides slight magnification. These loupes are great for surgery as they provide a wider field of view. We also have 2.5x (Galilean) and 4.0x (Prismatic) telescopic loupes which have adjustable focal distances. 

Another great feature of our system is that it can integrate with most existing in the lens loupe systems such as Design for Visions, Orascoptic, and Surgitel just to name a few. 

Finally, for those doctors who are interested in recording their procedures, we have a 720HD or 1080 FHD camera which can be attached to the front of the light to record from a First Person FOV.

BiLumix can be used everywhere in: Dentistry, Plastic Surgery, Otolaryngology (ENT), Gynecology (GYN), dermatology, All Surgery Procedures!